Versatile, powerful and durable installation projector, and at

25,000 lumens, the brightest 3LCD laser projector on the market


At 25,000lm, Epson has developed the brightest ever 3LCD laser projector1.

Based on 3LCD technology combined with 4K enhancement and a 4Kcompatible

lens, the EB-L25000U offers both outstanding definition and

flexibility. Combined with a sealed optical unit, these features make it ideal for

smoky environments such as live events.

The EB-L25000U is not only Epson's brightest ever projector, it's also the

brightest 3LCD laser projector on the market1, offering vivid colours and

excellent contrast, even in well-lit environments.

Smaller and lighter

The projector is also smaller and lighter than competing products2 in the

installation marketplace, making it easier to transport and install, and able to fit

into smaller spaces.

Project from any angle

Thanks to a newly optimised cooling system, the versatile EB-L25000U can be

rotated through 360° and offers freely adjustable tilt, meaning it can be mounted

at any angle and project images in portrait or any other orientation.

4K Enhancement technology

The EB-L25000U offers Epson's 4K Enhancement technology, which shifts

pixels 0.5mm diagonally to double resolution, as well as a wide range of 4Kcapable

lens options, resulting in crisp, high-definition images even when

projecting at a distance.

20,000 hours maintenance-free use

A sealed optical unit and inorganic phosphor wheel mean that the EB-L25000U

provides 20,000 hours of reliable, maintenance-free use3, even coping with very

smoky environments such as concert halls and theatres. These are twinned with

a pipe frame and baseplate structure to ensure a durable, knock-resistant


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