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ClayPaky AlphaWash 700 HPE moving head

ClayPaky AlphaSpot 700 HPE moving head

ClayPaky AlphaProfile 1200 moving head

ClayPaky Alpha Beam 1500 moving head

ClayPaky AlphaProfile 1500 moving head

ClayPaky Alpha Wash 1500 moving head

ClayPaky Sharpy beam moving head

ClayPaky Mythos moving head

ClayPaky B-eye K10 Led moving head

ClayPaky K10 CC A-Leda Wash moving head

Martin Mac 301



DeSisti Magis 500w fresnel + clamp

DeSisti Leonardo 1kW, 2kW and 5kW fresnel w/clamp

Thomas blinder FLASH 2000L DVE 4x650W Par36

DTS blinder FLASH 2000L DVE 2x650W Par36

Etc source Four Etc profile 10ª, 19ª, 26ª, 36ª and 50ª

Etc Source Four Par Hid 150w + tg Various Lenses

Etc Source Four halogen ParNel 575W

Etc source four profile zoom 25/50°  and 15/30° 750w

PAR64 with CP60, CP61 or CP62

Etc gobo holder x Source Four

Ianiro varibeam black 800w

Spotlight PC QPS 500w and 1kW

Spotlight Superlucciola par 36 75w 8°



GrandMa Full console

GrandMa Light console

GrandMa 2  Light Console

GrandMA 2 Ultra Light  Console

GrandMa Micro control

GrandMa 2 NPU

Chamsys MQ80

ETC light mixer Smart Fade24 DMX 24/48ch

ETC  Consolle Smart Fade ML




Smoke machine Tour Hazer 1600w

Smoke Machine Jem ZR24/7

Smoke Machine Jem Glaciator Xtream

Smoke Machine Jem ZR33 HimassDMX-512

MDG Athmosphere CO2 Haze Generator

Martin smoke fluid Jem ZR24 5lt - ZRMix

Martin fan Jam AF1 dmx 25 cm diameter

Martin Atomic Strobe 3000






Coemar StripLite Led 20 x 3 w 12ª

Coemar StripLite Led 24 x 3w 12ª

LED Par King Kight NE-117 3 x 35W

LED TUBE Polycarbonate 1 mt – Diam. 30 RGB

PROLIGHTS LION Battery operated/wireless LED wash 4 x 10W



Robert Juliat Cyrano HMI FollowSpot 2,5Kw  with Stand

Robert Juliat Ivanohe HMI FollowSpot 2,5Kw  with Stand






D&B speaker Q1 Line array with flying frames

D&B Speaker Q7 Line array with flying frames


D&B speaker Max15 monitors

D&B speaker C6 with Hanging Bracket

D&B speaker E3 with Hanging Bracket

D&B Mono Power Amplifier EPAC

D&B subwoofer C7-SUB

Eaw Speaker JF100

KME QS1062 Speaker 2 way

DB160 aktive speaker

ElectroVoice active sub woofer SB760

Active Monitor  2 WAY RCF AYRA6

Active Speaker  RCF ART722-A 750w

Active Speaker  RCF ART312A MK3 800w

Yamaha monitor active speaker YMPM3

Yamaha monitor active speaker YMPM5

Ahuja UHC30XT horn speakers

RCF BD42 bi-directional sound projectors


Shure PSM700 Inear monitors

Shure PSM900 Inear monitors



Crown amplifier C1200

D&B amplifier D12

D&B amplifier P1200 C6 comt

D&B amplifier P1200 C7 Sub

Ahuja Low Impedance PA Horn Speaker UHC30

Ahuja SPA10000 Low Impedance Amplifier

Ajuha SSA350 Horn Amplifier

Yamaha XP7000 Horn Amplifier



Midas PRO2 Digital Mixing Console 48 Ch

Midas DL251 48 in 16 out Stage Box

Midas DL155 8 in 8 out  8 AES/EBU Stage Box

Klark Teknik DN9610 AES50 repeater

Midas 100M AES Network Cable

Yamaha mixer  LS9 32 ch

Yamaha mixer  LS9 16 ch

Yamaha Digital Mixer O296

Yamaha digital mixer O1-96

Yamaha digital mixer O1-V

Mixer Spirit Folio 8 - 6+2/2

Mixer DDA CS58 12+4/8/3

Behringer 12ch audio mixer

Behringer Kenyx802 audio mixer

Behringer Kenyx1002FX audio mixer

Peavey Mixer PV-10 6 mono 2 stereo channel

Peavey Mixer PV-6 4 mono 2 stereo channel

Mixer Timpani MX16704

Crest XR24 12mic input + 4 stereo


Pioneer mixer for DJ DJM 800

Pioneer cd player CDJ 1000

Pioneer cd player CDJ 2000 NEXUS

Compact disc player

Tascam cd player pair

BSS equalizer FCS966 2 ch 1/3



Sennheiser reicever 2 ch 3000 series

Sennheiser Lavalier 4 ch rack G2 series

Sennheiser Lavalier 6 ch rack G2 series

Sennheiser receiver 1000 series

Sennheiser body pack trasmitter 1000

Sennheiser SKM3072U

Shure ULXD4D Wireless (2)Handheld + (2)Lavalier Microphones 4 Freq.

Shure ULXD4D Wireless Handheld  Microphones 4 Freq.

Shure ULXD4D Wireless Lavallier  Microphones 4 Freq.

Shure Antenna distribution system with directional antenna

Countryman H6OW6TSL Headset microphone

AKG C411-pp miniature condenser vibration pickup

Shure Beta 91A

Shure Beta 52A

Shure Beta 57A

Shure SM81-LC

Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic microphone

Shure SM58 cardioid dynamic microphone

Shure Beta98 AD/C (Drum/percussion microphones)

Shure Beta98 H/C (Saxaphone microphone)

BayerDynamic Opus drum microphone set

Audio Technica AT857 Lectern microphones

Shure MX418 18" lectern microphone

DPA VO4099V (Violin Microphones)

DPA CC4099 accessories clip for cello

DPA BC4099 accessories clip for bass

DPA PC4099 accessories clip for Piano

DPA GC4099 accessories clip for guitar

DPA DAD6010 Adapter for Shure BP trasmitter

Radial Engineering ProAV2 (Passive multimedia Di boxes)

Dsan LSP2 (Laptop sound port Stereo DI)

DPA 4088 Headset Microphone

Sennhiser cap Lavalier MKE40

Sennhiser cap headset MKE48

Senheisser splitter w/active antennas

Sennhiser  headset Skin Color

Microphone stands

BSS Di boxes




ASL 6 ch. speaker station intercom PS630

Asl power supply intercom 1 ch. BS181

ASL intercom main station 2ch +2 headset

Telex wireless Interc. BTR700+4 beltpack

Trasformer box intercom 1:1

Asl beltpack BS15 with headphone HS1/D

Altair wireless Interc. Base + 8 beltpack + 8 headset

HME Wireless Intercom System 6 beltpack +1Base

WalkieTalkie Motorola T5522 + headset









Panasonic DLP PT-D7700E

Panasonic DLP PT-D6700E

Panasonic lens 0.8:1 ET-D75LE5

Panasonic lens 1.0-1.2:1 ET-D75LE6

Panasonic lens 1.4-1.8:1 ET-D75LE10

Panasonic lens 1.5-2.0 ET-D75LE1

Panasonic lens 1.8-2.8 ET-D75LE20

Panasonic lens 2.0-3.0:1 ET-D75LE2

Panasonic lens 2.0-3.0:1 ET-D75LE30

Panasonic lens 3.0-5.0:1 ET-D75LE3

Panasonic lens 5.0-8.0:1 ET-D75LE40

BENQ Video Projector DLP Sp891 4500AL 16:9

^Kit 2 lamps Videopr. Panasonic PT10000E

^Kit 2 lamps Videopr. Panasonic PTD7700E

^Kit 4 lamps Videopr. Panasonic PT-DZ21KE

Hanging kit x Panasonic 7700-5700

Hanging kit x Panasonic PT-DZ21KE

Hanging kit x BENQ SP891



Sony Bravia 40" Full HD  KLV40R452

Panasonic Plasma 42" TH42PH10EK HDready

Panasonic Plasma 42" TH42PH20EK FULL HD

Panasonic Plasma 50" TH50PH10EK FULL HD

Panasonic Plasma 65" TH65PF9EK fullHD

LG TV 3D 4K 65"

Pedestal floor stand x plasma H160 cm

Panasonic wall-hanging plasma 42"/50"

Plasma Stand 120-200 cm x 42-50”

Plasma Stand 220 cm x  Plasma 65”

Pedestal floor inclinable stand x plasma 42”

BenQ monitor Lcd 15" FP51G

Samsung monitor SM 203B 1400x1050 4:3

Samsung monitor S22A300BS  1920X1080 16:9

Samsung monitor SM 2494HS 1920X1080 16:9

HP Monitor LA2405 – 1920x1200 16:10 DVI/DP

Neovo LCD 17" TFT X17AV  Video/ Vga

LG Monitor 32” full HD Smart TV





AnalogWay Ascender 32  - 4 out switcher with ShootBox

AnalogWay Nextage 16  - 2 out switcher with ShootBox

AnalogWay Saphyr SPX450 switcher

Analog Way graphic Switcher Pulse PLS300

Analog Way graphic mixer Octo-Fade FX II

Analog Way Multiscreen Controller Orchestra

Analog Way Multiscreen Controller Vertige




9/125LC/LC duplex Patchcord fibreoptic 1m

9/125LC/LC duplex Patchcord fibreoptic 3m

9/125LC/LC duplex Patchcord fibreoptic 5m

9/125LC/LCduplex Patchcord fibreoptic 10m

9/125LC/LCduplex Patchcord fibreoptic 20m

9/125LC/LCduplex Patchcord fibreoptic 40m

8 fiber optic cable 9/125 LC/LC 150m

8 fiber optic cable 9/125 LC/LC 250m

Fiber connection box optic 24x LCduplex

LC TX+RX optical DVI extension modules

Fiber optic 3G-SDI exten. moule LC TX+RX

Extron DVIDA2 1IN-2OUT distribution ampl

Kramer  VM-4HDCP DVI 1IN-4 OUT distrib.

Extron DVI DA4 Dvi 1in-4 out Distributor

Extron DVI DA8 Dvi 1in-8 out Distributor

Kramer repeater DVIPT101D VI-R



Disguise GX2

Watchout 5 & 6 PCS 4 Output

VAIO notebook VPCF12S1E/B

VAIO notebook VVS1512V1ES Win 8

Lenovo Workstation W540 i7-4700 -16GB- Nvidia Quadro Win 8

VAIO notebook x Video player and encoding

LENOVO Laptop i7 4k win8

Blackmagic Card Decklink Studio 2 – HDSDI – 2 x HDMI

Hard Disk Player

DSAN Cue Professional Sygnaling system

UPS Apc Back-UP UPS 65

Denon Professional player DVD DN-V200

Panasonic dvd HardDisk DMR-EH55HD+DV in

DVD Player LG



Camera system PPU  3 x Sony D35 + 3  x CCU+ 3 x Tripod

Preview and PGM Monitor + Panasonic Mixer + 6 Triax Cables 100 Mt

Sony DCX35 Camera + CCU + Triax Cable 50Mt +Tripod

JVC Monitor TM-A101G - 10" PAL



TecnoLed P10 – DLT Outdoor Led Screen 10mm 64x64cm

Led Processor LPV610

Acronn Nanocast P3.75 Led Panel 3mm 48x48cm  128 pix x 128 pix

Led Processor Novastar MTCR 660 with Sending Card

TVONE Scaler





Prostar electric chain hoist CMF 250 kg

Lodestar electric chain hoist CMF 500 kg

Lodestar electric chain hoist CMF 1000 kg

Kito manual chain host 500 kg

Litec DF4 4-way hoist controller

Litec DL8 8-way hoist controller



Litec truss QX30S

Litec truss QD40

Litec circular truss QX30 diameter 10 mt – 8 pcs

Litec circular truss QX30 diameter 6 mt – 8 pcs

Litec circular truss QX30 diameter 2 mt – 2 pcs

Litec circular truss QX30 diameter 8 mt – 8 pcs





Sixtema deck panel 1x1 m

Sixtema deck panel plexiglass 1x1 m

Sixtema deck panel 2x1 m

Sixtema Bravo deck panel 2x1 m White Plexiglass

Sixtema deck panel plexiglass 2x1 m

Sixtema supporting structures 2x1m H20cm

Sixtema supporting structures 1x1m H20cm

Sixtema supporting structures 2x1m H40cm

Sixtema supporting structures 1x1m H40cm

Sixtema support. structures. Litex 1x1m H40cm

Sixtema supporting structures 2x1m H60cm

Sixtema supporting structures 1x1m H60cm

Sixtema support. structures. Litex 1x1m H60cm

Sixtema support. structures. Litex 2x1m H80cm

Sixtema support. structure. Litex 1x1m H80cm



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