Quinta LED panels are an exclusive piece of equipment developed in-house at Giochi Di Luce.


The Panels are cost effective, versatile and can be used as scenography, backdrops, screen surrounds, dj booths, ceilings, step & repeat walls, catering areas, lounge areas, stages and many other solutions that can be designed for your own purposes.


The Led panel system is built of 1 m x 1 m modular panels* (total weight is only 3.5 kg) which can be mounted self standing up to 4 m height. It is possible to build taller structures by special fastening ceiling system. *Also available both 1 m x 3 m or 50 cm x 2 m panels


Led Panel system by Giochi di Luce can mount the following screen types: 4:3 - 3 m x 2,25 m (1 m x 0,75 m led panels are available to guarantee modularity)


Led Panel system is part of Giochi di Luce technological equipment pool ensuring:

- High scenic impact

- System modularity

- Easy and quick mounting/dismantling process

- Personalization with branding or graphics




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