Client: TECOM / Dubai

Category: Logo Reveal

Services:  Video, Light and Audio service

Agency: DONE Events

The event market nowadays demands a fast response to it's service providers with shorter production leads. This project was really a challenge having been tasked with just 6 days to deliver technical design & video content, not to mention the delivery of a highly technical production. GDL were again contracted by DONE Events as full technical provider, delivering Audio, Video, Lighting and Rigging design with installation. The show was very much orientated by the video installation with 20 tables covered in projection mapping, plus large format front projection screens split into five surfaces. In addition to the technical service, GDL were tasked with delivering the video content enabling a seamless production process with both technical and content designed side by side. The main purpose of the event was to reveal the new logos of Tecom Investments locations across Dubai. GDL's video content team produced a ground breaking show that had 3d motion graphic video interact with the dancers on stage later revealing the new logos. The 3d motion graphic video was not only delivered on the traditional screens at the front of the event, but also on the guests tables bringing the entire event space to life. The video mapping/video content on the tables interacted with the live performance and later the dinner detailing the courses on offer.



Stefano Duchi - Production Manager

Andrea Pagani - Light Designer

Paolo Caserini - Technical Manager

Walter Gatti - Video Engineer

Nicola Barresi - Content Creative Director

Simone Salamanca - Senior Graphic Designer

Fabio Bompani - Senior Graphic Designer

Sergiu Botoran - Senior Graphic Designer


Technical data about this event:


Video System

20 Panasonic. DLP PTD-Z21KE FULLHD videoprojectors for Table mapping

6 Panasonic. DLP PTD-Z21KE FULLHD videoprojectors for stage screens and performers mapping

4 Dataton Watchout media servers V6

2 Analog Way Ascender 32 Switcher



Audio System

D&B Q1 line array system

Midas Pro 2 mixing console


Light System

40 Clay Paky K10 led moving heads

24 Clay Paky Mythos moving heads

24 Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500

80 LED pars

12 ClayPaky Sharpy beam moving head

2 Jem heavy fog machine Glaciator XStream

2 MDG Mdg Atmosphere Co2 smoke machine

1 GrandMa 2 Light control






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